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AdventureGuru will cater to all your needs as a motorcyclist planning your next tour. These arrangements may include your own motorcycle or finding the best rental options just for you.

AdventureGuru has a variety of options to choose from:

  • Self-guided – provide advice on route planning, accommodation options, safety etc.
  • Itinerary – All bookings and arrangements made on your behalf (no guided tour)
  • Guided tour – all inclusive package

Motorcycle rentals are tailored specifically to your requirements and preferences. Below please find the planned route as well the motorcycle availability during the different seasons:

Dual-Sport – BMW

Sport-Touring – BMW

Touring – BMW

Touring – Harley-Davidson

Street Touring – Harley-Davidson

Rentals will be calculated on a daily rate

Additional accessories are also available to rent: (Helmet, protective jacket, gloves, riding boots, protective boots, neck braces, rain suits, GPS, etc.)

Please contact AdventureGuru with your individual requirements, and we will happily take care of all the arrangements for you. info@adventureguru.co.za

Packages can be tailor made to suit each rider’s situation

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