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Frequently Asked Questions


Everything you need to know about adventure motorbiking in Southern Africa

1.  Are flights included in the tour cost?

Nope, sorry. All flights to the King Shaka Airport in Durban are excluded

2. How about an airport shuttle?

That we can do. An airport shuttle can be pre-arranged at a minimal additional cost

3. What are the average daily touring distances?

Expect to ride between 250 and 400km per day. The riding time depends on terrain and varies between three and six hours per day.

4. How difficult are your tours? What skills do I need?

Skills are specified per route and the amount of tar and gravel road is always indicated.
○ Level 1: Easy, all on tar (average 100 – 120 km/hr)
○ Level 2: Well established roads, both on tar and gravel (average 60 – 100km/h)
○ Level 3: Mostly on established roads, limited challenging sections (average 50km/h)
○ Level 4: Gravel roads with a number of challenges (average 20 – 50km/h)
○ Level 5: Challenging steep and narrow sections on poor quality gravel (average 20km/h)

5. What about the weather conditions?

We’re bikers, not weathermen. The weather conditions are always tour and season specific. Generally speaking, winters are dry and perfect for riding on the Eastern escarpment and summers can be wet, but we do ride in the rain as long as it is safe.

6. I have my own motorcycle.

Let’s ride! There are options available for riders to either rent an adventure motorcycle or to bring their own.

7. Where does my luggage go?

Don’t pack the kitchen sink. All luggage is carried on the motorcycles and rental agreements should include luggage panniers.

8. What riding gear do I need?

All accessories are available to rent if you don’t have enough riding gear. All tours require a motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproofs and boots.

9. What style motorcycling can I expect?

○ Adventure/Dual-Sport requires a motorcycle that can complete both on and offroad functions
○ Touring routes are all on tar and regular road motorcycles can be used

10. What is the tour group size?

We’re all about quality, not quantity. A maximum of 8 riders can be accommodated per tour.

11. What about cash? Is there banking/ATMs on the tour?

These are the roads less travelled. Most establishments have card facilities available, but ATM machines are less frequent.

12. What is included in the standard package?

We make sure there’s nothing to worry about except the clothes on your back. Adventure Guru tours include motorcycle rent, travel insurance and excellent accommodation.

13. Ok, then what’s excluded in the standard package:

You need to foot the bill for fuel, road tolls, alcohol, activities, some food and service tips. Don’t worry though! We can tell you what to budget for these.

14. What about food during the motorcycle tour?

The tour accommodation includes bed and breakfast, but lunch and dinner are excluded

15. What is the payment schedule for the standard Adventure Guru package?

○ 50% deposit to firm arrange
○ 25% one week before the tour commences
○ Final 25% upon completion

16. What happens if I can’t make it anymore?

○ Cancel four weeks or earlier before tour commencement = 90% refund (10% admin fee retained)
○ Cancel between four and one week of tour commencement = forfeit 50%
○ Cancel with one week of tour commencement = forfeit 75%


Packages can be tailor made to suit each rider’s situation

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